Sergio Pérez
EFIM's President
Sergio Pérez, a specialist in Company Management, jointly founded EFIM in 2005 with our Director of External Growth, Jean-Claude Guillemaut. Mr. Pérez has led numerous corporate repurchasing and merger projects.
Jean-Claude Guillemaut
Director of External Growth
Jean-Claude Guillemaut jointly founded EFIM with Sergio Pérez. He has a long track record in business management and led several large European plastics groups. He is a Plastics Engineer and specialises in company restructuring and optimisation.
Raphael Castagno
Industrial Manager
Raphael Castagno leads the Industrial Department and oversees the development of the various stages of product creation. He is a specialist in industrial processes.
José María Valls
Sales Manager for Spain
José María Valls has a long track record in sales and has worked in a sales capacity in various Catalan industrial groups. His mission is the launch and sales development of the products sold by EFIM.
Frédéric Clauzade
Head of Plastics Development
Sales Engineer. Frédéric Clauzades is responsible for meeting customers' technical needs regarding plastics throughout the manufacturing process.